THE FLAVOR DESIGN®︎ 【T-shirt collection】

T-shirt collection

The Flavor Design®︎のユニフォームとして、ショップコート、オールインワン、デイリーTシャツ、マスクなどあらゆる衣類を制作しています。


We produce all kinds of clothes such as shop coats, all-in-one, daily T-shirts and masks as uniforms of The Flavor Design®︎. It is a work that is full of insistence such as print ink, body purchase, and bespoke production.

We have selected short sleeve T-shirts that are perfect for the summer season.



Flavors T-shirt 6,600 JPY
White / Black




The front has an impactful arch logo. The back is a package design. For the size of the American body and the print, “Union Ink” was selected to improve the color development, giving it a rubber-like texture. At the end, the heavy body is washed and finished.



Enmusubi T 7,700 JPY



見方や受け取り方で ひらがな にも 漢字 にも見えるデザインにしました。

The front print is simple.
The invisible “scent” is expressed through streamlined shapes.
The design is designed to look like hiragana or kanji depending on how you look at it and how you take it.
It is also visible when wearing WASOU or other jackets.



Perfume T-Shirt  6,600 JPY
White / Black



THE FLAVOR DESIGN®︎らしさ溢れるタイポグラフィを前後にプリントしたTシャツをリリース。

インクは発色を良くする為にアメリカ製の「Union Ink」を使用し、ゴムのような質感にしています。

Released a T-shirt with typography printed on the front and back that is full of THE FLAVOR DESIGN®︎.
The ink uses “Union Ink” made in the United States to improve color development, and has a rubber-like texture.
Each piece is hand-printed, so please enjoy the different expression of each print.



Relax T-Shirt 6,600 JPY
White / Black




The body is made of 100% cotton with a rough texture.
Pigment dyeing process makes the fabric look like old clothes.
The White body has a natural body dyed with a light beige dye, and the Black body has a white body dyed with a charcoal black dye.



Fragrance T-Shirt 6,600 JPY
White / Black



S サイズは本来XL 寸
M サイズは本来XXL 寸
L サイズは本来XXXL 寸

Compressed by pigment processing to express a unique sense of size.
S size is originally XL body
M size is originally XXL body
L size is originally XXXL body
Unisex and oversized fit for both men and women.




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