New Release “WASOU”

WASOU – 和装

Online: Fri. 24th Nov. 21:00~
in Store: Sat. 25th Nov. 11:00~

The 10-ounce fabric is made from US cotton, mixed with cotton from Brazil, Australia, and Greece to create a naturally uneven thread, dyed with indigo rope to create a deep color, and woven in the right twill. A Japanese-style denim jacket that you can wear for a long time and enjoy its beautiful color fading and texture.


It has large armholes, slightly short sleeves, and wide cuffs so that the sleeves can be rolled up, and is available in one size that can be worn by both women and men.
The double front allows you to button the button on either the left or right side, and is designed to create a natural and beautiful silhouette even when worn with the buttons open.



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