New Release “Enmusubi”

New Release
Enmusubi T series

Online: Sun. 21th Jan. 21:00~
in Store: Mon. 22th Jan. 11:00~

見方や受け取り方で ひらがな にも 漢字 にも見えるデザインにしました。

The front print is simple.
The invisible “scent” is expressed through streamlined shapes.
The design is designed to look like hiragana or kanji depending on how you look at it and how you take it.
It is also visible when wearing WASOU or other jackets.

香道意匠公司 = 香りの道をデザインする会社

The back print features a funky geisha in bright pastel colors.
香道意匠公司 = A company that designs Flavor way.
The typography and graphic design are all hand-drawn, giving a sense of strength and gentleness.


For this graphic design, we chose inkjet printing from a number of printing methods to create a delicate and emotional finish with colors.
We print using machines from Kornit Digital, an Israeli inkjet printer manufacturer that is developing cutting-edge technology in the printing industry, including in the United States and Europe.
Our approach to finer design and color reproducibility is one of the top printers in the world.

ボディのカットソーはアメリカで買い付けをした「USA Hanes」を使用しています。

The body is cut and sewn using “USA Hanes” purchased in the United States.
Since it is not sold in Japan, it is a rare and difficult-to-obtain body.
The texture of the fabric is soft and gentle on the skin, but it is tough and doesn’t pick up your body lines, giving you a loose fit.